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West’s Fragrance of Kim Kardashian got Banned!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t require an introduction in today’s time. This reality television star has made everyone her fan. Her products get sold in the market just like hot cakes. But this time, adverse air blew and the recently launched perfume got banned in the market. The three fragrances being launched lately by Kim Kardashian got banned because some hazardous particles were found. This has become a big shocking news for her New Zealand & Australian fanatics.

These three perfumes created a lot of buzz when they were released. Crystal Gardenia Ous, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia are the three scents that were launched by her in different engaging fragrances. Around 3,00,000 units got sold, and the fervor amongst the fans was exceptional. But this all turned into a misleading whiff and its admirers turned into opposers. 30000 perfume bottle orders were in the process, but everything got ruined because of a dangerous material that was used in it that may harm the person using it.

Even FedEx and other international courier service providers have given their explicit rejection to deliver this product in different parts of the world. This is because, in its fragrance, an enormous quantum of alcohol has been found. After getting this information, the entire team of Kardashian assured all the customers with money refund guarantee on the official website of KKW fragrance. This favorable response helped to calm all her fans who were enraged.

Moreover, they had cleared their side by saying that before the launch, they were not aware of the toxic material at all. On KKW fragrance website, they have explained such unimaginative ignorance & promised for the refunds to customers who have purchased it.

As per the report by TMZ, in a day the whole team of Kim Kardashian earned, $US13 million and now they are going to refund the earnings to customers.

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