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Kim Kardashian to Act as a Business Advisor for Established Beauty Companies

In 6 months of existence, Kim Kardashian products have well established themselves in the market. Since the company’s launch in June, it has released many face and lip care products including 3 fragrances. In these six months KKW beauty products have wrapped up billions in sales with the help of their unique marketing strategies.

Kardashian is releasing new products into the market inspired by the feedback from her fans on social media and also based on her aesthetic preferences. In the early December, KKW beauty is launching a set of all new products for the holiday season.

As of now many companies are seeking advice from Kardashian for promoting their products and making profits. Kardashian in an interview said that she always wanted to have a product for a holiday and it was an intense highlighter for her. So, she decided to come up with intense highlighters for the holiday season and hence she decided to launch the product in this holiday. She was so confident that people would really love this intense highlighter and they would accept this product as they have accepted her earlier KKW beauty products. Even the packaging of the product in a very cute manner that makes it look extremely presentable.

As a part the latest campaign for her upcoming products and lip glosses, Kardashian posted her latest picture wearing nothing except heavy glitter proving herself as a worthy spokeswoman of the KKW brand.

Her latest picture is creating a great anticipation for the December 1st launch of her new gloss shades and highlighters. On a final note, one can say that Kardashian’s new endeavour and marketing style would be an instant success.


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