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Kim Kardashian Finds it Difficult to Roam Freely

American actress, businesswoman and model Kim Kardashian is not happy with her fans and expressed that she wants to stay out of everything. Just like every star she also has a huge fan following and these days she is so popular that she can’t even take a free walk on the sea beaches without getting photographed.

Recently in a sneak peek of her upcoming episode it was found that when she along with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, was at the Mexico trip chilling at the beach, someone captured their pics without their notice.

When Kim’s assistant Stephanie Shepherd came to know about this matter, she showed Kim’s bikini shots to her on her mobile phone which disappointed her.

In a talk with a media person, Kim said that she took every precaution to maintain a distance from public especially during her vacation, but once again paparazzi has been making news again.

Kim also stated, “I am doing all the steps to try to be as private and discreet as possible, and then you take pictures. And if they’re not perfect, people just body shame and criticize you. For people just to think that’s okay is so frustrating.”

We all agree with Kim and though she is a public figure and a celebrity, she has every right to roam around freely and common people should understand this and give her some space..

She concluded by saying that it is high time and she should start staying away from social media and therefore will un-tag herself out of everything.

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